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Cancer Pharmacology and Stress Response Team 

Dr Vladimir Kirkin's team assesses the activity of novel molecularly targeted anti-cancer agents in preclinical models of cancer – a key requirement for evidence-based drug development.

Team leader

Dr Vladimir Kirkin

Dr Vladimir Kirkin

Team Leader

Dr Vladimir Kirkin studies how anti-cancer agents interact with their molecular targets to stop tumour growth and metastatic spread, and how tumours respond to stress to design new, effective anti-cancer drugs. He has worked for almost a decade in the pharmaceutical industry and contributed to the discovery and early clinical development of a number of molecularly targeted anti-cancer drug candidates.

ORCID 0000-0002-8049-3663

Team members

Gary Box

Higher scientific officer

Will Court

Senior scientific officer

Sharon Gowan

Senior scientific officer

Albert Hallsworth

Higher Scientific Officer

Alexis de haven Brandon

Higher scientific officer

Melanie Valenti

Senior scientific officer

Sally Wells

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