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Our leadership team

Professor Paul Workman

Professor Paul Workman

Chief Executive and President

The Chief Executive is responsible to the Board of Trustees for the overall direction of the ICR’s management, research and academic activities and the effective prosecution of its work; and for recommending the allocation of resources.


Dr Charmaine Griffiths

Chief Operating Officer

Charmaine Griffiths

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible directly to the Board of Trustees in her capacity as its Secretary and as Company Secretary; and for recommending the resources that are available for allocation.

As Head of Corporate Services, the COO is responsible to the Chief Executive for the formulation of all support service strategies, and the planning and implementation to achieve them; the evaluation of support service outcomes, and the management and implementation of associated resources and regulations (including health and safety).


Professor Clare Isacke

Professor Clare Isacke

Academic Dean

The Academic Dean is responsible to the Chief Executive for determining (subject to the advice of the Academic Board) education strategies and priorities; the planning and implementation to achieve them; and the evaluation of education and training outcomes.

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