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We are so grateful to everyone who has left the ICR a gift in their Will, and those who have pledged to do so. Legacies are incredibly important - they enable our scientists to drive forward their research and tackle new challenges, safe in the knowledge of sustained funding. 

Suzanne O’Connor

“A legacy gift funded my PhD in drug discovery”

ICR PhD student Suzanne O'ConnorWhen Mrs Mair Robinson sadly passed away in 2015, she left the ICR £100,000 in her Will. With her legacy gift she established the Mair and Franklyn Robinson Research Scholarship, to support a young scientist.

Suzanne O’Connor, who joined the ICR in 2016, was the fortunate PhD student who benefitted from Mrs Robinson’s generosity. Her project is seeking to discover how we can block the protein HSP70, which is known to help cancer cells survive – and so kill the cancer cells.

Suzanne says: “The generosity of the ICR’s donors is what helps cancer research to evolve. Legacy gifts mean the ICR can invest in training scientists like me who will lead cancer research into the future. I am delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside scientists who have years of drug discovery expertise. Learning from them will be an invaluable part of my PhD.”

Like Mrs Robinson, you can also choose to support PhD students with a gift in your Will. This is a wonderful way to help the next generation of cancer researchers – and know you are making a lasting gift with limitless potential.

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Professor Robin Weiss

“I want to leave a monetary legacy to match my scientific one”

Professor Robin Weiss who left a legacy to the ICR in his Will

Legacies are a vital part of the ICR’s funding. Professor Robin Weiss, a former Director of The Institute of Cancer Research, recently decided to add a legacy into his Will to benefit us. 

"I was Director from 1980 until 1989, after which I stayed on as Director of Research for a further nine years. During that time, I saw the ICR go from strength to strength and I am proud of the impact its research has had, and will continue to have in the future.

"Cancer research is, of course, an international endeavour and it is difficult to tell where the next big advance will come from. But the track record of scientists is a very good guide to future success and I consider that the ICR houses some of the best scientists worldwide.

"It has the superb facilities and organisation to attract the brightest minds to continue this vital work. I have chosen not to specify where my legacy should be spent as I cannot foretell what the most pressing issues will be for the ICR at the time my legacy becomes available. But I do know I want to leave a monetary legacy to match my scientific one.”

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The ICR runs a Will for Free scheme, which has raised over £10million for our research since its inception. Help us make the discoveries that defeat cancer.

If you have any questions about leaving a legacy gift to the ICR, our legacy team is here to help. Please get in touch at [email protected] or 020 7153 5387. 



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