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Professor Robin Weiss

Professor Robin Weiss

Legacies are a vital part of the ICR’s funding. Professor Robin Weiss, a former Director of The Institute of Cancer Research, recently decided to add a legacy into his Will to benefit us. 

"I was Director from 1980 until 1989, after which I stayed on as Director of Research for a further nine years. During that time, I saw the ICR go from strength to strength and I am proud of the impact its research has had, and will continue to have in the future.

"Cancer research is, of course, an international endeavour and it is difficult to tell where the next big advance will come from. But the track record of scientists is a very good guide to future success and I consider that the ICR houses some of the best scientists worldwide. It has the superb facilities and organisation to attract the brightest minds to continue this vital work. I have chosen not to specify where my legacy should be spent as I cannot foretell what the most pressing issues will be for the ICR at the time my legacy becomes available. But I do know I want to leave a monetary legacy to match my scientific one.”

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