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Public Engagement Strategy

Our three-year plan to embed public engagement across the ICR, create lasting relationships with local community groups and inspire young people to pursue careers in science.

Dr Grace Mak- Senior Scientific Officer - with Maddie

Image: Dr Grace Mak – Senior Scientific Officer – with Maddie at an ICR public engagement event

The ICR’s public engagement strategy sets out the ICR's plans for the next three years to fully embed public engagement across the organisation and increase our work with local community groups.

The document, Reaching out: our public engagement strategy, explains our vision to work with the community to form lasting and fruitful relationships; encourage young people to pursue careers in science; and create innovative activities that share our research and its value for patients. 

The strategy defines public engagement as open communication and discussion in a two-way dialogue. It highlights our recent progress in carrying out activities at science festivals, schools and public lectures, our network of STEM Ambassadors, and work with partner organisations on joint events.  

It was developed by the ICR’s Public Engagement Forum, a steering group which delivers engagement initiatives, helps promote a culture of engagement, and shares resources and best practice across the ICR. 

The ICR is committed to creating an effective and long-term culture of public engagement at the ICR. As a publicly funded higher education institution and charity, we have a duty to communicate about our work transparently. We also aim to build public support for science and influence policy by raising the level of public discourse on science and medical research.

The strategy includes targets in six key areas: 

  1. Embedding engagement throughout the ICR by creating new resources for staff, providing training opportunities and establishing Public Engagement Champions.
  2. Creating innovative engagement that is interactive and engages the public with the ICR’s work in new ways.
  3. Inspiring careers in science by creating resources and running events aimed at schools and young people, including hard-to-reach groups and those currently underrepresented in research careers.
  4. Working with community groups in Chelsea, Sutton and London more widely, establishing long-term partnerships and projects to ensure we are more likely to have a lasting impact.
  5. Working with partner organisations to help us to reach new and wider audiences, and deliver an increased and broader programme of engagement activities.
  6. Learning from our experiences by evaluating our activities.

We will monitor our performance in these areas and describe our progress in our annual report on outreach and engagement at the ICR.


Get involved in public engagement

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer in our public engagement activities please email [email protected].