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Family charity partners

The dedication of these charities, set up when a family has been touched by cancer, drives forward our research immeasurably. We are so grateful to work with such passionate organisations and receive their generous support.

Alice's Arc

Alice's Arc supports our vital rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) research at the ICR - an extremely aggressive and the most common type of sarcoma found in the soft tissues of children - working to develop kinder treatments that are more effective and with fewer side-effects.

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Abbie’s Army

Support from Abbie’s Army is making a huge contribution towards our research into DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma).

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The Chris Lucas Trust

The Chris Lucas Trust has so far raised over £1 million for research into rhabdomyosarcoma at the ICR and continue to fundraise through flagship events such as the Great North Bike Ride.

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Christopher’s Smile

Christopher Smile has raised in excess of £1 million for childhood cancer research. Their funding has been used to support four full-time research positions at the ICR.

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Lucas’ Legacy

Lucas’ Legacy is raising funds and awareness to improve the outlook for children with brain tumours.

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