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Target Evaluation & Molecular Therapeutics Team

Dr Olivia Rossanese’s team is investigating new targets to support the discovery of novel therapeutics to treat cancer. The team is also defining the molecular and genetic factors governing a cancer’s sensitivity to treatment with new drugs, to guide their clinical use.

Team leader

Dr Olivia  Rossanese

Dr Olivia Rossanese

Dr Olivia Rossanese is Head of Biology in the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit within the Division of Cancer Therapeutics. She is investigating new therapeutic targets for the treatment of cancer and examining the molecular consequences of their inhibition in cancer cells and tumours.

Team Members

Michael Bright

Higher Scientific Officer

LeAnne Carmichael

Scientific Officer

Selby De Klerk

Scientific Officer

Paul Eve

Senior Scientific Officer

Caitlin McCarthy

PhD Student

Daniel Miller

Post-doctoral Training Fellow

Dalia Tarantino

Post-doctoral Training Fellow

Dr Mike Walton

Post-doctoral Scientist

Fiona Want

PhD Student
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