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Welfare and disability support


The Institute of Cancer Research promotes equality of opportunity and does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, victimisation on the grounds of gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

We are committed towards creating a non-limiting and fully inclusive environment for staff and students to achieve their organisational and personal goals and recognise that providing appropriate support to individuals will help us to achieve this.

Students with disabilities 

We are committed to providing the highest quality support for those who need it.

The term 'disability' can cover a range of impairments from mobility difficulties through to long term illnesses, mental health conditions, autism or autism spectrum disorder and dyslexia.

See more information about how we help students with disabilities at the ICR.

Student welfare

As a student, your supervisory team will have responsibility for your day-to-day welfare, both academic and personal. We recognise however, that individual students may be reluctant to share personal difficulties with their supervisor if they feel it may conflict with academic progress.

Nominated members of the Academic Dean’s team have responsibility for the general welfare of students and each student is assigned a member of the Dean's team as a source of support for the duration of their studies and who will check on students' welfare and academic progress at regular intervals.

In addition, students are welcome to discuss any issues with a member of the Registry team at any time.

The ICR provides counselling services through its employee support programme which is also open to students but we have also developed a network of Student Wellbeing Advisers.

These are current students who have volunteered to give their time to help others who would prefer to talk on a confidential basis about issues which affect them. The Student Wellbeing Advisers are trained in communication skills and knowledge of other help networks for students.

If you are concerned about issues related to your project we advise you to discuss these if at all possible with your supervisor in the first instance.

Employee support programme

The ICR provides a free 24 hour counselling service for all staff and students and family members of their household. The service also includes a consumer and legal helpline.

London Nightline

Nightline is open throughout the night to provide information and support for students in London. The lines are run by student volunteers who have undergone extensive training and understand that university life in London isn't always plain sailing.

The service is strictly confidential and will cost the same as calling any London landline. Please see the London Nightline website for further information.

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ICR values

Our values – developed together as an organisation – make it clear how each and every one of us work to meet our mission – to make the discoveries that defeat cancer.