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Career development faculty

We are seeking excellent early-career researchers on the path to independence to become team leaders in a cutting-edge area of cancer research.

Who we're looking for

To join our career development faculty, you'll be a scientist who had excelled as a postdoc, has a very strong publishing and funding record, and is beginning to pursue independent research programmes. You'll be a strong team scientists, bringing fresh expertise in innovative areas.

The career development faculty is the route generally taken for new leaders in areas in which the ICR is making significant investment. Often these are in cutting-edge areas of cancer research, such as immunotherapy, or disciplines from outside ‘traditional’ biological sciences. 

What we offer

Joining as a team leader, you will be given outstanding support to help you to continue to develop in your career. You’ll receive a competitive start-up package of funding, as well as the guidance you need to start up your first lab – from lab space and equipment, to help recruiting postdoctoral students, technicians and PhD students.

You’ll have the space to grow, excel and make your mark while gaining dedicated support with grant applications, leadership training.

We support our scientists with state-of-the-art platform technologies and expert facilities staff, providing cutting-edge facilities for microscopy, imaging, sequencing, proteomics, X-ray crystallography and much more.

Contact us

For an initial conversation about scientific career opportunities at the ICR, please contact the relevant Head of Division:

Breast Cancer Research

Identifies causes of breast cancer to improve diagnosis and discover new approaches to cancer treatment.

Head of Division: [email protected]


Cancer Biology

Studies the processes that drive cancer development, growth and spread to identify new treatment targets.

Head of Division: [email protected]


Cancer Therapeutics

Exploits addictions and vulnerabilities of cancer cells to discover new drugs and biomarkers.

Head of Division [email protected]


Clinical Studies

Coordinates high-quality early and late-phase trials in both adult and childhood cancers.

Head of Division: [email protected]


Genetics and Epidemiology

Detects influential factors in cancer risk, and translates discoveries into clinical practice.

Head of Division: [email protected]


Molecular Pathology

Translates tumour characterisation advances into approaches to implement personalised cancer treatment. 

Head of Division: [email protected]


Radiotherapy and Imaging

Investigates new diagnostic imaging methods and ways of improving radiotherapy.

Head of Division: [email protected]

Structural Biology

Examines the significance of proteins and complexes in cancer development and treatment.

Head of Division: [email protected]


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Questions about careers at the ICR?

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding career opportunities at the ICR.