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Meet our supporters

Never before have we known as much about the causes of cancer as we do now and that’s because of the hard work and expertise of world-leading scientists, such as ours.

Stella Faughnan running in the London Marathon in 2013

But it’s also due to the generosity of our supporters who have helped make that work happen. Supporters like Professor Robin Weiss, who has decided to leave us a legacy in his will; Stella Faughnan, who raised over £6,000 by running the London Marathon; and Christopher's Smile, which has supported four full-time research positions at the ICR.

Their ways of supporting us and their reasons for doing so may vary, but all our supporters are united in their commitment to our work. Thanks to them, we will continue to make the discoveries that defeat cancer.

If you would like to share your reasons for supporting The Institute of Cancer Research, we would love to hear from you. Please email your story to us at [email protected]

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