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Licensing and partnering opportunities

The Institute of Cancer Research currently has a number of partnering and licensing opportunities and any member of the Enterprise Unit would be pleased to review these with potential commercial collaborators. 

Abiraterone, a drug used to treat advanced prostate cancer was discovered and developed at the ICR
A summary of our current partnership opportunities is provided below. You can find out more about these by downloading our latest licensing and partnering portfolio (PDF, 82KB). Please contact the Enterprise Unit if you'd like to discuss these opportunities further.


  • Biomarkers: An approach to targeting SMARCB1-deficient sarcomas
  • Biomarkers: Diagnostic for resistance to MPS1 inhibition
  • Biomarkers: Diagnostic for sensitivity to ATR inhibition
  • Devices: Device for tissue processing
  • Devices: Endocovitary coil for 3T-MRI
  • Devices: PolyScope
  • Software: 3D kinetic volume rendering tool for MRI
  • Software: 4D orthogonal display tool
  • Software: MRI distortion correction
  • Targeting: Monocolonal antibodies against Cerb-B2 (HER2)
  • Targeting: Monocolonal antibodies against EGFR
  • Therapeutics: Alpha-folate receptor targeted agent
  • Therapeutics: Gene Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy
  • Therapeutics: Novel dual inhibitors of FLT3/Aurora kinases
  • Therapeutics: Novel LOX inhibitors


Download licensing and partnering portfolio