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Computational Biology and Chemogenomics Team

Professor Bissan Al-Lazikani’s team develops computational tools to help cancer drug discovery efforts process the large amounts of data obtained through biomedical research.

Team leader

Professor Bissan Al-Lazikani

Professor Bissan Al-Lazikani

Honorary Appointment

Professor Bissan Al-Lazikani's research focuses on developing and applying multidisciplinary computational techniques for drug discovery and clinical application. She is also Head of Data Science at the ICR, where she leads the Knowledge Hub Big Data Team for intelligent application of computers in adaptive, individualized therapy.

ORCID 0000-0003-3367-2519

Team members

Dr Albert Antolin

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Harvey Che

Lead Bioinformatician +44 20 8722 4069

Dr Patrizio Di Micco

Computational Biologist and Developer

Dr Costas Mitsopoulos

Senior Scientist

Dr Bugra Ozer


Joe Tym

canSAR Lead Developer