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Career faculty

We're recruiting the top figures in cancer research to work in a vibrant and confident culture that consistently produces world-changing research.

Who we're looking for 

To become part of our career faculty, you will be an established senior researcher and have the proven leadership skills and international research credibility to direct major scientific programmes, and build and manage a motivated and high-performing scientific team.

Our culture emphasises the importance of collaborative working to address the big challenges in cancer research, and you will be expected to form part of the wider ICR team. You will also recruit and develop the research leaders of the future.

What we offer

We are the top-ranked higher education institution in the UK for research quality and impact, we are also rated among the world’s best universities in measures of innovation and collaboration with industry.

We offer support throughout the process of relocating and embedding your team at the ICR, and as you continue to build on your achievements.

We understand that access to world-class facilities and technology platforms is essential to maximise the progress you are able to make with your research and will work with you to shape access to facilities to meet your needs.

As an intellectual leader in your field, you will have the chance to use your platform at the ICR to influence and contribute to wider public discussions to ensure your research has the maximum benefit for people with cancer.

And with access to expertise across the spectrum of cancer research disciplines, you will build on our success – leading innovation through new collaborations across the ICR, and with external collaborators in academia, healthcare and industry.

Profile: Professor Jessica Downs 

Team Leader, Epigenetics and Genome Stability

Professor Jessica Downs is a leading researcher in the study of chromatin and the epigenetic regulation of cell division. Her team is progressing our understanding of how DNA packaging influences the stability of genetic information, and how this can in turn affect the development and progression of cancer.

She joined the ICR in 2016, relocating along with her lab from the University of Sussex. For two years, she was the co-chair of the ICR’s Athena SWAN steering group, which works to promote equality of opportunity in the workplace.

“The ICR is really special because it provides an environment where basic research sits alongside translational and clinical work. For my team, this has led to many new collaborations which will allow our research to have benefit for patients as quickly as possible. The ICR is also a leader in industry collaboration, and we have received a lot of support to develop our research in partnership with industry – again hugely important to us in terms of driving the impact of our work.”

Headshot of Jessica Downs wearing a lab coat

Contact us

For an initial conversation about scientific career opportunities at the ICR, please contact the relevant Head of Division:

Breast Cancer Research

Identifies causes of breast cancer to improve diagnosis and discover new approaches to cancer treatment.

Head of Division: [email protected]


Cancer Biology

Studies the processes that drive cancer development, growth and spread to identify new treatment targets.

Head of Division: [email protected]


Cancer Therapeutics

Exploits addictions and vulnerabilities of cancer cells to discover new drugs and biomarkers.

Head of Division [email protected]


Clinical Studies

Coordinates high-quality early and late-phase trials in both adult and childhood cancers.

Head of Division: [email protected]


Genetics and Epidemiology

Detects influential factors in cancer risk, and translates discoveries into clinical practice.

Head of Division: [email protected]


Molecular Pathology

Translates tumour characterisation advances into approaches to implement personalised cancer treatment. 

Head of Division: [email protected]


Radiotherapy and Imaging

Investigates new diagnostic imaging methods and ways of improving radiotherapy.

Head of Division: [email protected]

Structural Biology

Examines the significance of proteins and complexes in cancer development and treatment.

Head of Division: [email protected]


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ICR values

Our values – developed together as an organisation – make it clear how each and every one of us work to meet our mission – to make the discoveries that defeat cancer.

Questions about careers at the ICR?

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding career opportunities at the ICR.