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Let’s finish it: Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery Appeal 

We are building a new state-of-the-art drug discovery centre to create more and better drugs for cancer patients. 

The centre is a £75m project – and we now have less than £15m to raise. To make our building a reality, we urgently need your philanthropic support. 

This is an opportunity to make an historic step-change in cancer treatment, to develop a new generation of drugs that will make the difference to the lives of millions of people with cancer. Please join us in building this new future.

To find out how you could support this new centre, please contact Hannah Joyce in the Philanthropy Team (email link below or call 020 7153 5298).

Email Hannah

Let's finish it. Take a virtual reality tour of the Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery.

Computer visualisation of entrance to Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery

BREAKING NEWS: ICR launches ‘Let’s finish it’ campaign for Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery 

Today we reveal our plans for one of the world’s most important buildings for the discovery of revolutionary cancer treatments. In this truly collaborative environment and through our ‘Darwinian’ drug discovery programme, we aim to create more and better drugs for cancer patients and overcome the problem of cancer evolution and drug resistance.

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