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Board of Trustees

As a charity, The Institute of Cancer Research is governed by Charity Trustees – collectively known as the Board of Trustees. The Trustees carry the responsibility of company directors of the ICR.

Luke Johnson
Mr Luke Johnson

The Board of Trustees comprises up to 18 individuals nominated by The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and Cancer Research UK, individuals co-opted by the Board of Trustees itself, one member elected by the Academic Board and a student nominee, together with ex officio members (the Chief Executive and the Academic Dean).

The Board of Trustees carries the overall responsibility for ensuring that the ICR pursues its charitable objects, complies with its own constitution and relevant legislation and regulations, applies its resources exclusively to its objects, and enacts cancer research of the highest international standard.

The Board of Trustees determines the ICR's strategies; approves its scientific and financial plans, annual report and accounts and governance structure, makes key appointments (Chief Executive, Academic Dean, Chief Operating Officer) and monitors the ICR's strategic performance. It also approves new initiatives and non-recurrent expenditure costing £1 million or more.

To facilitate the smooth running of the ICR, the Board of Trustees has established a number of sub-committees. The terms of reference for each committee have been approved by the Board of Trustees.

Board members

  • Mr Luke Johnson MA(H
  • Mr Charles Geffen – Deputy Chair
  • Professor Paul Workman FRS FMedSci  – Chief Executive and President
  • Professor Clare Isacke DPhil – Dean of Academic and Research Affairs
  • Mr William Burns BA(Hons)
  • Mrs Mandy Donald
  • Dr Iain Foulkes PhD
  • Professor Nic Jones FMedSci
  • Mr Karl Munslow Ong MSc
  • Dame Cally A Palmer DBE MSc MIHM DipHSM
  • Professor Chris Bakal PhD
  • Ms Rachel Evans
  • Mr Ruchir Rodrigues
  • Mr Charlie Foreman

There is a Members of our Board of Trustees privacy notice that details information we hold about our trustees.