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Policy and engagement

The Institute of Cancer Research works to influence policy development in high-priority areas and to give the ICR a voice on relevant policy issues.

We support staff who are engaging the public and coordinate opportunities to make young people aware of the opportunities for careers in science.

Consensus statements on cancer drug pricing and access

The ICR’s Summer Summit brought together experts from 16 leading academic institutions, charities, stakeholder groups and pharmaceutical companies to create a nine point plan looking at practical recommendations to improve access to new cancer treatment.

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Position statements

The Institute of Cancer Research has outlined its position on a number of policy issues in scientific and medical research.

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Improving access to clinical trials

Clinical trials are the single best way to turn advances in science into patient benefits. The ICR has a vision that a suitable trial should be made available for every person with cancer who wants to be part of one.

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From Patent to Patient: our drug access report

Our 2018 drug access report, From Patent to Patient, highlights the progress that is being made with discovering exciting new cancer medicines. But it also draws attention to key challenges that will need to be overcome to ensure more patients can benefit from these advances.

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Read our Cancer Drug Manifesto

We surveyed 1,064 people who had been treated with cancer to help shape recommendations for improving access to the latest treatments. Our new 10-point manifesto calls for action to speed up access to innovative cancer drugs.

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The ICR has produced a range of factsheets with up-to-date and easy-to-access facts and figures on the ICR.

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Public engagement

Our three-year plan to embed public engagement across the ICR, create lasting relationships with local community groups and inspire young people to pursue careers in science.

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Your career in cancer research – working together to defeat cancer

We’ve created a guide to careers in cancer research for anyone interested in science – particularly for young people in secondary schools and sixth forms.

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