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ICR committees

This page details the work and membership of various committees at The Institute of Cancer Research.

A meeting at the ICR's Sutton Site



Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit & Risk Committee supervises internal and external audit in order to safeguard the integrity of the ICR's financial systems and ensure economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the use of the ICR resources.

Meetings are attended by the External Auditors and the Head of Internal Audit Services and Committee members have full access to them. The External Auditors and Internal Auditors have full access at all times to the Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee.

Audit & Risk Committee Members:

  • Nigel Jones - Chair
  • Anthony Clare
  • Sath Nirmalananthan
  • Lianne Patterson
  • Farhan Shakoor
  • Joanne Stimpson

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Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee approves the balance of skills and attributes required of non-executive members of ICR committees so that the ICR may be properly and independently governed.

The Committee appoints such individuals to fulfil that function (except to the Board of Trustees) and appoints Associates of the ICR. The Committee recommends to the Board of Trustees the conferment of Honorary degrees, the admission of Members of the ICR and appointments to the Board of Trustees.

Nomination Committee Members:

  • Professor Julia Buckingham CBE FMedSci – Chair
  • Charlie Foreman
  • Professor Margaret Frame OBE FMedSci FRSE
  • Professor Nicholas Jones FMedSci

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Investments and Building Development Committee

The Investments and Building Development Committee manages the ICR's investments and building developments (including stocks and shares and property development).

Investments and Building Development Committee Members:

  • John Shakeshaft – Chair
  • Artem Korolev
  • James Maltin
  • Charlie Foreman

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Remuneration Committee

The ICR's Remuneration Committee determines the remuneration policy and the salaries of senior members of staff.

Remuneration Committee Members:

  • Charlie Foreman – Chair
  • Professor Julia Buckingham CBE FMedSci
  • Ruchir Rodrigues
  • Dr Carolin Barth

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Academic Board

Chair: Clare Isacke (Dean of Academic and Research Affairs)

The Academic Board reports to the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board and has been established to consider and report on all academic and teaching matters and questions of education policy. It ensures that the ICR, as a College of the University of London, has a rigorous and responsive Quality Assurance framework in place, and ensures the development and delivery of the ICR’s Learning and Teaching Strategy. It is responsible for matters relating to quality assurance and enhancement procedures and academic standards.
Membership of the Academic Board includes the Chief Executive, the Dean of Academic and Research Affairs, all ICR Professors and Readers of the University of London, representatives of the academic and honorary academic staff, members of the consultant medical staff of the Hospital, ICR student members and other persons co-opted by the Academic Board.

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