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Our annual research highlights

Each year we select ten of our most exciting scientific discoveries to showcase our world-class cancer research. 

Top 10 scientific achievements of 2016

We've selected our top 10 discoveries of 2015/16 – chosen because they illustrate the breadth of our basic, translational and clinical research and our ambitions under the new research strategy.

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Highlights of the year, 2015

A genetic map of prostate cancer mutations is created, a new family of melanoma drugs discovered and the first clinical trial to demonstrate the benefits of viral immunotherapy is announced.

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Highlights of the year, 2014

The structure of a critical protein for cell division is imaged, enzalutamide improves patient survival in men with prostate cancer before chemotherapy, and a genetic flaw links childhood brain cancer to stone man syndrome.

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Highlights of the year, 2013

Pinpointing the first founder mutations that lead to leukaemia, using virtual experiments to uncover missing cancer targets, and discovering an intriguing gene link to breast and ovarian cancer.

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