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Centres and collaborations

The Institute of Cancer Research, London, works in partnership with funders to deliver a number of major research centres and collaborations focused on key strategic priorities. Some of these are housed within individual research divisions at the ICR, while others cut across several divisions and organisations to help drive collaboration between them.

Featured centres

  • Cancer Research UK Cancer Imaging Centre

    Bringing our imaging experts together under one roof in our new centre could help us develop better ways of imaging, diagnosing and treating cancer.

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  • Drug Development Unit

    The Drug Development Unit was opened in February 2005 as a joint unit of the ICR and The Royal Marsden. In 2011 the unit was given a rating of ‘outstanding’ for past work and future plans.

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  • Centre for Molecular Pathology

    This centre is a collaborative initiative between The Royal Marsden the ICR that aims to identify the molecular mechanisms that drive cancers and to target them with a new generation of treatments.

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  • Centre for Cancer Imaging

    The new Centre for Cancer Imaging will use cutting-edge imaging techniques to understand cancer’s development and response to treatment – as a means of accelerating the discovery of new therapies.

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  • Tumour Profiling Unit

    By working with clinicians and scientists to divide tumour types into genetic subgroups, the Tumour Profiling Unit helps to improve clinical outcomes for patients with these specific tumours.

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  • Biomedical Research Centre

    The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) at The Royal Marsden and the ICR is the only BRC to specifically focus on cancer. Its aim is to drive pioneering, translational and clinical research.

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Centres at the ICR

Many of our centres are contained wholly within the ICR and draw upon our excellent pool of researchers and facilities to produce world-class cancer research. The centres cover a diverse range of fields including evolution, imaging, molecular biology and clinical trials.

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The Royal Marsden partnerships

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust is a world-leading specialist cancer hospital. The ICR works in close partnership with The Royal Marsden across a number of centres to take the results of our research rapidly into the clinic, with the aim of developing better treatments for cancer patients.

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Strategic collaborations

The ICR has developed strong links with a number of major cancer research organisations. These include a number of collaborations where ICR researchers can work closely with researchers from other organisations to deliver faster results.

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