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Centres and collaborations

We work with funders to deliver major research centres and collaborations. Many of our centres are housed in one of our research divisions. Others are multi-disciplinary, and bring together multiple divisions. We also partner with other organisations, such as The Royal Marsden or Imperial College London.

Featured centres

  • Paediatric Oncology Experimental Medicine

    We want to improve treatment and diagnosis for children with cancer, as well as change clinical practice.

    Paediatric Oncology Experimental Medicine
  • Cancer Research UK Convergence Science Centre

    A partnership with Imperial College London that brings together multiple disciplines in cancer research.

    Convergence Science Centre
  • Joint Department of Physics

    We translate medical physics research and development into clinical practice. We're a collaboration of academic and clinical staff from the ICR and The Royal Marsden.

    Department of Physics
  • Centre for Translational Immunotherapy

    Bringing together clinicians and scientists with an interest in translational immunotherapy.

    Centre for Translational Immunotherapy
  • Joint Sarcoma Research Centre

    Driving pioneering research for innovative treatments for sarcomas.

    Joint Sarcoma Research Centre

Centres at the ICR

We draw upon our excellent scientists and facilities to further our world-class cancer research. Our centres cover a diverse range of fields, including: evolution, molecular biology and clinical trials.

Centres at the ICR

Partnerships with The Royal Marsden

The ICR works with The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust to take the results of our research into the clinic. Together, we aim to develop better treatments for cancer patients.

Partnerships with The Royal Marsden

Strategic collaborations

We have developed strong links with major cancer research organisations. This means researchers from the ICR and other institutions can work together to deliver faster results.

Strategic collaborations