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The Institute of Cancer Research, London, media team works to increase the profile of the organisation by showcasing the cutting-edge research carried out by our scientists and development initiatives. 

For more information you can always contact our media team, view content posted on our social media channels, sign up to one of our newsletters or visit our press release archive to view a list of our press releases. 


ICR responds to NICE approval of new breakthrough drugs on the NHS for women with advanced breast cancer 16

The Institute of Cancer Research, London, welcomes the approval by NICE of a new type of treatment for women with previously untreated advanced breast cancer. Find out more

MR Linac: first healthy volunteer scanned in pioneering new radiotherapy machine 09

The first healthy volunteer has been scanned using a revolutionary new type of radiotherapy machine, which is set to transform cancer treatment by allowing radiation to be aimed at tumours with extreme precision. Find out more

NCRI 2017: Big data analysis predicts risk of radiotherapy effects 07

Analysing big data to predict men’s risk of side effects could help personalise radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer, according to new research presented at the National Cancer Research Institute’s (NCRI) Cancer Conference in Liverpool, today. Find out more

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How we’re commercialising a pioneering cancer drug 26

In advance of industry conference BIO-Europe, Henry French speaks to the Enterprise Unit’s Dr Toby Richardson about one of the most promising commercialisation opportunities in our partnering portfolio. Find out more

Pioneering genetic research into myeloma is spearheading our search for new treatments 30

Our researchers are pioneering a new understanding of the genetic complexities of myeloma and the innovative use of existing drugs as treatments, as Conor McKeever finds out. Find out more

How our 26 dedicated London Marathon 2017 runners are set to raise over £90,000 for cancer research 25

With donations to our dedicated #teamICR London Marathon runners set to top £90,000, Laura Mulkerne looks back on a day of gruelling effort, raucous support and hard-won medals. Find out more

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