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Trial results support ‘new gold standard’ for head and neck cancer radiotherapy 22

Phase 3 trial results on a precision radiotherapy technique support a ‘new gold standard’ for treating head and neck cancer patients. The research suggests the new approach can reduce the risk of swallowing problems after radiotherapy, without impacting the success of treatment. Find out more

Major collaborative childhood cancer research programme launched with £5.5 million funding from Children with Cancer UK and Cancer Research UK 20

Leading charities Children with Cancer UK and Cancer Research UK come together to co-fund a second cancer research programme aiming to help treat relapsed childhood cancers through precision medicine. The SMPaeds2 project will be led by Professor Louis Chesler at The Institute of Cancer Research, London. Find out more

ICR welcomes FDA approval of first-in-class breast cancer drug 17

The ICR strongly welcomes the news that a new targeted drug, capivasertib, has been approved by the US FDA for treating the most common type of advanced breast cancer. The drug was discovered by pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca following a programme of drug discovery research at the ICR in collaboration with Astex Pharmaceuticals. Find out more

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Scientific achievements of 2023 05

We've selected a range of discoveries from the academic year that highlight the quality and breadth of our basic, translational and clinical research. Find out more

Untapping the full potential of immunotherapies for more people with cancer 06

Immunotherapy works by sparking the body’s own immune system into action against tumours. It has become a first-choice treatment for some types of cancer, and now there are exciting opportunities to unlock its benefits for more patients through research. Jane Shepley explores the story behind immunotherapy and how we can untap its potential. Find out more

Over a decade of abiraterone: the drug that revolutionised advanced prostate cancer care 14

This Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we’re celebrating over 10 years since abiraterone was first recommended by NICE in England as a treatment for advanced prostate cancer. We share the story of the drug’s discovery, how a landmark trial changed the way advanced prostate cancer is treated today, and what the drug has meant for patients who are currently treated with it. Find out more

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