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The Institute of Cancer Research, London, media team works to increase the profile of the organisation by showcasing the cutting-edge research carried out by our scientists and development initiatives. 

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New organ sparing radiotherapy plan could reduce treatment side effects 19

A new way to plan radiotherapy could help shape treatment away from sensitive organs near tumours to reduce side-effects, a new study shows. Find out more

ICR hails £350m tender as ‘major milestone’ for London Cancer Hub 12

The Institute of Cancer Research, London, has welcomed the launch of a £350 million tender to find a commercial development partner for The London Cancer Hub as a major milestone in turning the vision for the project into reality. Find out more

Tackling tumour scar tissue could be key to treating pancreatic cancer 11

The first study in the world to take a detailed look at scar tissue in human pancreatic cancer has revealed a range of different scar tissue types that could help clinicians predict which patients will respond best to particular treatments. Find out more

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Capturing cancer on the move – ICR photography competition showcases stunning images of tumour cells in action 15

Every year our researchers submit outstanding pictures to our Science and Medical Imaging Competition – telling a story about our pioneering work and its benefits for patients. Check out the fantastic images selected by our judges, and this year voted for by the public. Find out more

Revolutionising the way we view childhood leukaemia 02

For decades, research at the ICR has transformed our understanding of childhood leukaemia and how it is treated. Now, research from Professor Sir Mel Greaves, Director of our Centre for Evolution and Cancer, could once more revolutionise the way we view the disease. Find out more

HIFU: using ultrasound to heat and destroy tumours 17

Ultrasound has been used to detect cancer inside the body for over 70 years. But what if it could be used to treat cancer too? Conor McKeever, our Science Communications Officer, introduces an exciting technology developed by ICR scientists that does just that. Find out more

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