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Science Talk

With our Science Talk blog, we hope to lift the lid on the black box that is the ICR: to show you inside our labs, to introduce you to a few of the people here who make the discoveries, and to allow them to tell some of the stories behind the science. We try to put our discoveries in a wider scientific context, and give an idea of how our science is actually done. We also give you the view from the ICR of important developments in the wider world of cancer research.

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The Drug Discoverer

Professor Paul Workman was Chief Executive and President of The Institute of Cancer Research, London from 2014 to 2021. He is also Harrap Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics and has been instrumental in progressing more than 20 cancer drugs into clinical trials. He spent nearly two decades as Director of the Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery (formerly known as the Cancer Therapeutics Unit) at the ICR, which he built up to become the world's largest academic cancer drug discovery group. Professor Workman writes and talks extensively about challenges facing the cancer drug ecosystem.

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Tales from the Lab

Find out what's going on at the front line of cancer research as ICR researchers — including PhD students, postdocs and clinical fellows — let you inside their labs and show you their science.

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The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture is a blog for the ICR’s leading scientists, designed to act as a forum for some of the most interesting, challenging and important ideas in cancer research. It is edited by Professor Mel Greaves, pioneer of theories for how cancers evolve through Darwinian evolution.

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Connections blog

The ICR is one of the leading academic institutes at partnering with industry, in the UK and globally. In our Connections blog, leading experts including Dr Angela Kukula, Director of our Enterprise Unit, give their views on the big issues in academic-industry partnering and knowledge exchange – from intellectual property and licensing to the secrets of developing strategic alliances.​

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The Darwin Cancer Blog

Led by Professor Mel Greaves, this blog provides a forum for the discussion of how an evolutionary perspective is changing thinking about cancer. This blog was formerly hosted by the British Journal of Cancer before moving to the ICR's website in May 2018.

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