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Cancer informatics departments

The Tumour Profiling Unit

With state-of-the-art hardware and unrivalled expertise in the molecular characterisation of tumours, the Tumour Profiling Unit supports researchers at the ICR and our partner institutions across the UK to accelerate progress towards precision therapies.

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Cancer informatics teams

Evolutionary Genomics and Modelling

Professor Andrea Sottoriva's teamuses biological, clinical and mathematical expertise, in order to decipher how cancer progresses, metastasises and develops treatment resistance.

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Computational Pathology and Integrative Genomics

Dr Yinyin Yuan's team works to reconstruct two-dimensional or three-dimensional tumour models from images of tumour sections.

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Dynamic Cell Systems

Professor Chris Bakal's team uses genomic approaches and computational modelling to understand how complex biochemical signalling networks are ‘rewired’ during the development of cancer.

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Radiotherapy Physics Modelling

Professor Uwe Oelfke's team is researching ways of using modern hardware to improve the delivery of targeted radiotherapy.

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Molecular and Population Genetics

Professor Richard Houlston's team works to identify cancer susceptibility genes and understand how these can cause cancer.

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Systems and Precision Cancer Medicine

Dr Anguraj Sandanandam's team is investigating methods to classify multiple cancer patients into clinically relevant subgroups.

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Short Linear Motif

Dr Norman Davey's team is focused on the role of short linear motifs within intrinsically disordered regions in directing cell regulation.

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In-Silico Medicinal Chemistry

The In-Silico Medicinal Chemistry team supports Drug Discovery projects, during all phases: hit identification, hit-to-lead, lead-optimisation until candidate delivery.

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