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Dynamical Cell Systems Team

Professor Chris Bakal’s team uses genomic approaches and computational modelling to understand how complex biochemical signalling networks are ‘rewired’ during the development of cancer.

Team leader

Professor Chris Bakal

Professor Chris Bakal

Professor Chris Bakal aims to understand how cells change shape, become cancerous and form metastases. Professor Bakal is a Reader of Cell Form at the ICR and has received numerous awards for his research.

ORCID 0000-0002-0413-6744

Team members

Vicky Bousgouni

Higher Scientific Officer - Lab Manager 02034377451

Francesca Butera

PhD Student +44 20 3437 7450

Sam Cooper

ICR-Imperial College Graduate Student

Mar Arias Garcia

Higher Scientific Officer

Dr Tomo Higo

Honorary Appointment

Ian Jones

Imperial College Year-in-Industry Student 02071535170

Dr Patricia Pascual Vargas

Honorary Appointment

Rebecca Rickman

Imperial College Placement Student

Dr Julia Sero

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Chloe Simpson

Graduate Student

Yilin Sun

Honorary Appointment

Harry Woods