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Radiotherapy Physics Modelling Team

Professor Uwe Oelfke’s team is researching ways of using modern hardware to improve the delivery of targeted radiotherapy.

Team leader

Professor Uwe Oelfke

Professor Uwe Oelfke

Professor Uwe Oelfke is combining recent developments in cancer biology, cancer therapeutics and medical physics in order to improve radiotherapy treatment and planning. He has had a varied career spanning theoretical nuclear physics and finally medical physics.

ORCID 0000-0003-2309-0814

Team members

David Bernstein

PhD Student

Dr Jenny Bertholet

Postdoctoral Training Fellow

Dr Carol Box

Senior Scientific Officer

Dr Sarah Brueningk

Postdoctoral Training Fellow

Debbie Carrick

Physics Admin Section Manager & PA to Prof Uwe Oelfke

Filipa Costa

PhD student

Dr Martin Menten

Postdoctoral Training Fellow

Dr Rahul Nilawar

Research Software Engineer

Dr Simeon Nill

Head of Translational Radiotherapy Physics

Lisa Patterson

CCI Lab Manager

Dr Anna Shiarli

Clinical Research Fellow

Dr Harriet Steel

Postdoctoral Training Fellow

Henry Tsang

Postdoctoral Training Fellow