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Informatics at the ICR

Cancer is a complex, ever-changing set of diseases. To truly understand and beat cancer, we must have a comprehensive view of all its facets. New technologies allow us to gather data on all these views of cancer at scale. As a result, computational research is now at the forefront in our battle against cancer.

Video: Former Head of Data Science, Professor Bissan Al-Lazikani, on putting down strong foundations to support cancer research

Here at the ICR, we are leading in innovative cancer informatics. From mapping the paths of cancer evolution, to the design and discovery of novel drugs, to the precision tailoring of radiation therapy. Informatics research at the ICR spans bioinformatics and computational biology, biostatistics, mathematical biology, in-silico medicinal chemistry, digital pathology and computational physics.

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Informatics departments and teams

Informatics at the ICR is made up of many dedicated departments and teams.

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Informatics tools and resources

To empower cancer research across the international community, the ICR provides public access to many of unique tools and resources.

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Careers in informatics

We have lots of exciting career opportunities coming up across the informatics departments.