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ICR Clinician Scientist Fellowships

The ICR’s Clinician Scientist Fellowship (CSF) programme aims to support the most promising young academic clinicians, allowing them the opportunity to develop their research expertise and to bridge the gap between the discoveries made in the laboratory and the treatment of patients in the clinic.

Dr Navita Somaiah is a Clinician Scientist Fellow at the ICR
Dr Navita Somaiah, Clinician Scientist Fellow

Having already shown commitment to academic medicine by obtaining their PhD, the CSF award supports them through their postdoctoral training and provides them with the resource to establish a small research team.

The Fellowship programme was launched in summer 2013 with the recent recruitment of two fellows. Dr Navita Somaiah, a new CSF, is using her particular combination of medical expertise and laboratory research experience to devise better ways of making radiotherapy even more effective than it currently is.

The turning point of my career was doing my doctorate. For the first time I was completely immersed in the lab and I realised how much I loved the challenge of incorporating research with my clinical work. I am in the privileged position to be able to take the problems I see at the bedside back to the lab bench and work on new answers for cancer patients. Dr Navita Somaiah Clinician Scientist Fellow

If you would like to learn more about how you could help us invest in the next generation of cancer researchers, please contact Thomas Bland (020 8722 4200).

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Clinician Research Fellowships

Our Clinician Research Fellowships are an excellent opportunity for clinicians to study in an organisation renowned for its bench to bedside approach.

Funding a PhD studentship

Today’s PhD students are tomorrow’s world-leading scientists and by supporting a PhD, you can help us train the brightest minds for cancer research.


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