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Research Studentships

Ground-breaking research requires outstanding researchers, and at the ICR we have an excellent track record in selecting and developing the very best young scientists who have gone on to make some of the most important discoveries in cancer research.

Chloe Simpson, PhD student
Chloe Simpson, PhD student

As a college of the University of London we are committed to educating and training the next generation of cancer researchers. The ICR Studentship Awards support a selection of talented PhD students and help to ensure that we continue to give the world the best in science, scientists and cancer treatments.

Lasting four years, PhD studentships focus on independent research, with the goal being to give as free rein as possible to the student’s intellectual curiosity, creativity, talent and diligence, under the guidance of an experienced member of ICR Faculty.

I chose to do my PhD at the ICR because I want to be part of the future of how we understand cancer. Chloe Simpson, PhD student in the Dynamical Cell Systems laboratory, Division of Cancer Biology

It costs approximately £40,000 per annum to see a student through their four-year PhD.

If you would like to learn more about how you could help us invest in the next generation of cancer researchers, please contact Thomas Bland, Deputy Director of Development (Trusts and Corporates) on 020 8722 4200, or Hannah Joyce, Deputy Director of Development (Philanthropy) on 020 7153 5298.

Clinician Research Fellowships

Our Clinician Research Fellowships are an excellent opportunity for clinicians to study in an organisation renowned for its bench to bedside approach.

Clinician Scientist Fellowships

Our Clinician Scientist Fellowships provide the perfect opportunity for trained clinicians to make discoveries that benefit patients in the clinic.


Thomas Bland Deputy Director Of Development (Trusts and Corporates)