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Clinical Research Fellowships

We bring together the worlds of cancer research and clinical practice by offering clinical research fellowships which provide clinically-qualified students with the opportunity to do scientific research and gain a postgraduate research degree.

Dr Meera Nandhabalan is a Clinician Research Fellow focussing on childhood cancers
Dr Meera Nandhabalan, Clinical Research Fellow

Our academic clinicians form a vital link in our translational research, bringing knowledge of clinical practice into the laboratory and taking the knowledge of laboratory research back into the clinic and using it to help cancer patients.

Dr Meera Nandhabalan is a Clinical Research Fellow working at the ICR as part of a research group focusing on childhood brain tumours and whether they might respond to targeted therapies developed for adult cancers.

Being a clinical research fellow you have the privilege of being privy to both the clinical and laboratory research worlds. You can see a clinical problem that needs solving, and then can go back into the lab to do the research to find the solution. Dr Meera Nandhabalan Clinical Research Fellow

If you would like to learn more about how you could help us invest in the next generation of cancer researchers, please contact Thomas Bland (020 8722 4200).

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Clinician Scientist Fellowships

Our Clinician Scientist Fellowships provide the perfect opportunity for trained clinicians to make discoveries that benefit patients in the clinic.

Funding a PhD Studentship

Today’s PhD students are tomorrow’s world-leading scientists and by supporting a PhD, you can help us train the brightest minds for cancer research.


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