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Undergraduate Vacation Scholarship Scheme

The ICR offers a limited number of paid undergraduate summer vacation scholarships every year. 

The summer 2021 scheme is now open for applications. 

Group of students

We are now inviting applications for our 2021 Summer Vacation Scholarship Scheme. Funds are available for up to seven undergraduate students to undertake a six to eight week research project (with a stipend of £250 per week). Research projects will be supervised by our research teams based at either our Chelsea or Sutton site.


The scheme is for undergraduate students at UK Higher Education institutions in the middle years (i.e. second of three, second/third of four) of their undergraduate degrees. Applicants in their first year are not eligible to apply.

Applications are encouraged from students who have not previously undertaken any form of summer placement. Placements will be offered to exceptional students.

Find out how to apply, browse the list of research teams inviting applicants, and see what previous students had to say about their experience.

Deadline for applications is 26th February 2021.

Further information can be found in FAQs. Please contact Dr Silvia Alvarez Perez for any questions regarding eligibility or remaining questions.

Previous student experiences

“I am glad and grateful for this opportunity which not only introduced the research which is being done at the ICR but which also put me into this research to actually feel what it is like to be a researcher.”  Alexander Groh

“The focus of my research was also incredibly interesting to me, as the techniques of deconvolution and applied statistics are crucial components of my education as a physicist, but the application here exceeded the scope of anything I had previously done both in and out of university. This allowed me to gain a new perspective on these skills and taught me how to transfer them to different problems.”  Karim Alaa El-Din

“I had the chance to test my own theories which allowed me to understand new mechanisms. In consequence, I increased my creativity and approached problems with an open mind. Overall I was extremely pleased with my internship because I was passionate about my project. My supervisor was very helpful and taught me multiple skills.  The interdisciplinarity of the internship (computing, biology, statistics..) makes the work very interesting.” – Lucie Gourmet

“This summer studentship has helped me to decide that I would like to pursue a clinical academic training program with the goal of working in both clinical and academic medicine. For any interested in or considering a future in research I whole heartedly recommend applying for the Undergraduate Vacation Scholarship Scheme at the Institute of Cancer Research.” – Sajan Patel

“This studentship has inspired me to continue with research and apply for PhDs this year, something that I wasn’t 100% confident in doing until now. I am extremely grateful to my supervisor and lab group for allowing me to complete this project remotely as well as helping make it such an enjoyable and beneficial experience.” – Alexia Martin

“My supervisors, the IT team, and the rest of the staff at the ICR made my working experience as efficient and smooth as it could be while working from home. The support wasn’t purely academic though, the team made me feel very welcome and not at all like I was pestering them when I needed some help.” – Will Holmes