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ICR-ECMC Network Immunohistochemistry workshop

The ICR and the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres (ECMC) will jointly present an immunohistochemistry workshop on emerging technologies and application of immunohistochemistry (IHC) in clinical research.

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Three scientists in the lab - Dr Gabriela Kramer-Marek, Julia Hoebart and Florian Raes

Who: The workshop is aimed at researchers and clinicians working on IHC and PhD students
When: Thursday 16 April 2020, from 10am-4pm
Where: The ICR's Sutton site – view on google maps

The day will include seminars, presentation and demonstrations from leading research experts on:

  • Importance of IHC in Clinical Research
  • Validating and optimising IHC
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence
  • Immunofluorescence and optimisation
  • Biomarkers of interest in Oncology trials

Speakers and presenters for the workshop

  • Professor Johann de Bono, Regius Professor of Cancer Research, Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology, ICR and Royal Marsden (RM)
  • Dr Bora Gurel, Histopathologist, Cancer Biomarkers Team, ICR
  • Dr Adam Sharp, Specialist Registrar and PCF young Investigator, ICR and RM
  • Dr Will Howat, Director of Antibody Validation and  Characterisation, Abcam
  • Dr Naomi Guppy, Histopathology Facility Manager, Breast Cancer Now, ICR
  • Dr Antje Neeb, Senior Scientific Officer, Cancer Biomarkers Team, ICR
  • Ruth Riisnaes, Laboratory Manager, Cancer Biomarkers Team ICR 
  • Mateus Crespo, Senior Scientific Officer, Cancer Biomarkers Team, ICR

To register for the workshop, complete the registration form below and send to [email protected].

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