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Cancer Biomarkers Team

Professor Johann de Bono’s team conducts biomarker-driven clinical and translational research to accelerate the development of novel cancer therapies and improve understanding of cancer biology, drug sensitivity and resistance.

Team leader

Professor Johann De Bono

Professor Johann De Bono

Clinical Consultant

Professor Johann de Bono is the Head of the Division of Clinical Studies and an international expert in the development of novel anticancer therapies against adult cancers. His team of runs one of the world’s largest phase I clinical trials units for cancer, with >100 staff including dedicated radiology and pathology staff; he also runs a separate team focused on improving prostate cancer care that have led pivotal phase III trials of several prostate cancer drugs including abiraterone, cabazitaxel, enzalutamide and olaparib as well more recently ipatasertib and lutetium-PSMA.

ORCID 0000-0002-2034-595X

Team members

Maria Angelescu

Clinical Trial Assistant +44 20 3437 6621

Chloe Baker

Scientific Officer +44 20 3437 6654

Denisa Bogdan

Bioinfomatician +44 20 3437 6096

Lorenzo Buroni

Higher Scientific Officer +44 20 3437 6665

Ines Figueiredo

Senior Scientific Officer +44 20 3437 6318

Dr Veronica Gil

Honorary Appointment +44 20 3437 6115

Dr Bora Gurel

Clinical Scientist +44 20 8722 4567

Helder Ramos

+44 20 8915 3755

Ruth Riisnaes

+44 20 8722 4778

Dr George Seed

+44 20 3437 6063

Franziska Weigl

PhD Student +44 20 3437 6058