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Using the immune system to defeat cancer

Activating a person’s own immune response against cancer is one of the most exciting advances in cancer therapy – and our researchers are pioneering new approaches and strategies.

Based in our labs in Chelsea and Sutton, London, our scientists are at the forefront of immunotherapy research. Trials led by our researchers in malignant melanoma and head and neck cancer have benefitted patients like Tina.

Tina Manning, 53, was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 2013. She later developed a secondary tumour in her brain. Tina was put on pembrolizumab, a new immunotherapy treatment, when it was approved for the treatment of melanoma.

Thanks to advances in our cancer research, there are now a number of treatment choices for people with melanoma.

How you can help

We are only just starting to see the potential immunotherapy has to offer. We now need to make immunotherapies work even better, and for more people across a wider range of cancer types.

Our work is made possible with the help of our supporters. Together we have made major progress in cancer research, and with your help we can do so much more.

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