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The Institute of Cancer Research attracts the very best science graduates and clinicians to carry out cutting-edge research and make the discoveries that defeat cancer. Our students enjoy working in a high-tech and collaborative environment, in which their research can be translated into direct benefits for patients.

Priyanka Patel

Priyanka Patel

Priyanka Patel is a Clinical Oncology Registrar in training. She is currently carrying out an MD(Res) degree looking at the emerging concept of oligoprogression in metastatic prostate and lung cancer – where just a small number of a patient’s tumours start growing again after an initial successful treatment.

Why did you want to study at the ICR?

Studying at the ICR provides access to lots of valuable educational resources and forums to further my career in research. I can also learn from experienced academics and clinical research teams.

Talk us through your typical day

I see patients on clinical trials, complete trial-related assessments and participate in multi-disciplinary meetings discussing specific trial patients. I also closely work with the ICR Clinical Trials and Statistical Unit (ICR-CTSU), analysing data and preparing documents for clinical trials. I also spend time on writing papers, preparing abstracts and presentations on completed clinical studies.

What big projects are you working on?

I am currently working on TRAP and HALT phase II/III clinical trials, which are currently recruiting patients with oligoprogression in prostate and lung cancer respectively.

What opportunities has studying at the ICR given you?

I have attended many useful courses, including on statistics and how to write a paper, which have been very helpful for my research when writing my thesis and scientific papers.

What’s it like to study at the ICR with a medical background?

Studying at the ICR exposes you to so many other jobs and teams surrounding cancer research, which you wouldn’t get to experience if you remain purely in a clinical setting. This helps you to understand how research is developed and conducted – and all the different opportunities that are available.

Do you know what you want to do next?

Once I have completed my training, I would like to pursue research within clinical trials as a consultant.

How do you take part in life at the ICR outside your studies?

I’m a member of the clinical academic forum and student committee.

What do you do to unwind?

I like going to music shows and art exhibitions. I’m currently working on an art project looking at improving patient understanding of data using art.