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Clinical Pharmacology and Trials Team (including Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Group)

Professor Udai Banerji's Team conducts early investigations of new anticancer agents developed in the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit.

Team leader

Professor Udai Banerji

Professor Udai Banerji

Professor Udai Banerji champions multidisciplinary working at the interface between early phase clinical trials, drug discovery and translational research related to drug resistance. He is Deputy Director of the Drug Development Unit at The ICR and Royal Marsden, and as a key member of the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit, also heads the Clinical Pharmacodynamics Biomarker Group and the Clinical Pharmacology-Adaptive Therapy Group.

ORCID 0000-0003-1503-3123

Team members

Nancy Aguoru

Scientific Officer +44 20 3437 6876

Mark Bellchambers

+44 20 8722 4803

Ellie Dixon

Scientific Officer +44 20 3437 6788

Dr Florian Gabel

Postdoctoral Training Fellow +44 20 8722 4324

Louise Johnson

Higher Scientific Officer +44 20 3437 6967

Dr Akos Pal

Senior Scientific Officer +44 20 3437 6300

Ruth Ruddle

Senior Scientific Officer

Debbie Tandy

PD Sample Collector +44 20 8722 4383