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Responsible and fair approaches for research evaluation

The ICR has a proud history of academic discovery and innovation. We strive to reward and encourage the best and most innovative cancer research. As such, we want to ensure our procedures for assessing our research achievements are fair, transparent and robust.

The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment

In June 2018, the ICR became a signatory of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA). As set out in DORA, the ICR recognises that evaluating the scientific content of a publication is more important than where it was published.

The ICR is committed to ensuring that we do not consider journal impact factors when hiring or promoting academic staff. Our recruitment, tenure review and promotion policies include explicit statements that journal impact factors will not be used in these assessments.

Research strategy and policy

The ICR research leadership board handles our current research strategy and policy. It's chaired by the ICR's Academic Dean, Professor Clare Isacke. The board has members from all divisions in the ICR. This ensures we have representation from a wide breadth of disciplines and expertise. The research leadership board implements and embeds the principles of fair research evaluation.

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For queries or more information please contact Dr Rebecca Cook, Head of Research Support at [email protected].

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