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Freedom of Information Act 2000

The Freedom of Information Act gives anybody the right to seek access to information held by public authorities. The Institute of Cancer Research, London, (ICR) is a public authority subject to the Act.

The Act provides two types of access to information held by the ICR:

1. Information made routinely available to the public as explained in the Publication Scheme

2. Any other information held and recorded by the ICR, subject to various exemptions in the Act

Environmental Information Regulations 2004

The Environmental Information Regulations provide a general right of access to environmental information. Environmental information is recorded information, in any form, in an area concerning environmental issues.

The ICR has combined the implementation of the Regulations with the Freedom of Information Act request handling procedures.

How to request information from The Institute of Cancer Research

We already make a lot of information available to you. Before you consider making a request, please try:
1. Searching our website for the information using the search box on the homepage.
2. Downloading and checking our Publication Scheme and Guide to Information. 

Publication Scheme

Guide to Information

If you still can't find what you are looking for you may ask for it under the Freedom of Information Act by emailing us, or by writing to: Head of Information Governance, 123 Old Brompton Road, London, SW7 3RP.

Please be specific about the information you want, as this will help us to find it for you. We are obliged to reply promptly and in any event within 20 working days.

  • We may charge a fee for this service.  When that happens, we will send you details in writing.
  • Some information may not be available because it falls within one of the exemptions of the Act. When that happens, we will tell you which exemption applies and, in most cases, why the information cannot be released.
  • If your request for information includes personal data relating to another person, an exemption in the Act may apply.

Fee Policy under FOIA 2000 (PDF, 36KB)

Complaints Procedure under FOIA 2000 (PDF, 22KB)