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Our mission

At The Institute of Cancer Research, London, our mission is to make the discoveries that defeat cancer.

We have a vision of a world where people can live their lives free of cancer as a life-threatening disease. The ICR strategy sets out how we aim to achieve this.

We undertake world-class research designed to improve outcomes for people with cancer.

We are a confident, vibrant and enterprising organisation and our scientists are world leaders in their fields.

We are committed to several key responsibilities to ensure that we attract the best minds in the world and create a thriving culture for all of our staff.

We ensure that we create a non-limiting and fully inclusive environment for staff and students to achieve their organisational and personal goals.

We are driven by a desire to understand the genetics and biology of cancer and to apply that knowledge to maximise clinical impact.

Our three strategies

As the schematic below illustrates, the ICR Strategy is a synthesis of three separate strategies:

  1. Research Our joint research strategy with The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust seeks to overcome the challenges posed by cancer’s complexity, adaptability and evolution through scientific and clinical excellence, innovation and partnership. Find out more about our research strategy.
  2. Learning and Teaching To educate and train the next generation of cancer researchers and clinicians. Find out more about our learning and teaching strategy.
  3. Operations Our operational strategy sets out what it takes to power the ambitions of our research, learning and teaching.
Graphic showing how ICR strategy components intersect