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Improving outcomes for women with hormone receptor positive breast cancer

We are setting up a new breast cancer model facility in which we will establish cutting-edge three dimensional models to help us better understand how breast cancer cells respond to different drugs so that we can improve treatment for patients.

breast cancer cells invading through a layer of fibroblasts

Image: Breast cancer cells invading through a layer of fibroblasts

Three-dimensional models more closely mimic breast cancer as it occurs in patients. In this new facility we will grow human breast tumour material, donated from patients with hormone sensitive breast cancer. The tissue will be grown as a 3D culture in a tissue-like matrix, much more like the natural home in a human body. This system is known as “organoid culture”.

Hormone sensitive breast cancers are the most common types of breast cancer, accounting for approximately 75% of all breast cancer cases. Despite advances in treatment of these tumours, the individual experience of women diagnosed with the disease is variable.

Our vision

Our vision is that each woman diagnosed with these forms of breast cancer is given a treatment that is not only highly effective in eliminating cancer cells, but is also associated with minimal side effects.

We ask Discovery Club members to support this new initiative and help us realise our vision.

To find out more, please contact Lara Jukes on 020 7153 5192 or by email.


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Thomas Bland Deputy Director Of Development (Trusts and Corporates)
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