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Our new Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery will bring together unique, multi-disciplinary teams of evolutionary biologists, chemists, big data specialists and clinicians to tackle the biggest challenge in cancer research today – cancer drug resistance. Working collaboratively will give us our best chance to defeat cancer.

Naming opportunities

The building offers a unique opportunity for donors to be recognised through naming some of our key facilities.

We have a number of naming opportunities for gifts of £100k or above. We hope that you will join us in building this new future and we would be delighted to talk to you how your gift can help.

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Ground floor

The ground floor features a café space for researchers and visitors to meet for informal discussions and new creative collaboration.

It will also house our Centre for Evolution and Cancer, dedicated to understanding how cancer adapts and evolves to evade treatment. 

Computer rendering of ground floor of CCDD building


• Biology Unit - £3m
• Café - £1m
• Centre for Evolution and Cancer - £1.5m
• 6 Discovery Units - £100,000-£250,000
• 7 Team Leader offices - £100,000

First floor

The first floor is dedicated to biology, biologists including laboratories in which to identify new drug targets, write up areas and spaces to promote team-science.

A collaboration hub features a break-out space in which to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and creativity. 

Computer rendering of first floor of CCDD building

• Biology Suite - £5m
• Protein Production Laboratory - £1m
• Analytical Technology & Screening Laboratory - £250,000
• 6 Discovery Units - £100,000-£250,000
• 2 meeting rooms - £100,000
• 8 Team Leader offices - £100,000
• Collaboration Hub - £100,000

Second floor

The second floor is dedicated to medicinal chemistry: the scientific discipline through which drugs are made.

As well as holding chemistry laboratories, this floor holds wet labs, dedicated labs for specialist equipment, and breakout space to facilitate team science.

Computer rendering of second floor of CCDD building

• Medicinal Chemistry Suite - £5m 
• Mass Spectrometry Laboratory - £250,000
• NMR Hub - £250,000
• 11 Discovery Units - £100,000-£250,000
• Three meeting rooms - £100,000
• Six Team Leader offices - £100,000
• Collaboration Hub - £100,000

Third floor

On the third floor, computational specialists will be hosted alongside more of our medicinal chemists, bringing their expertise in disciplines such as Big Data analysis and artificial intelligence to aid their efforts in drug discovery.

Computer rendering of third floor of CCDD building

• Medicinal Chemistry Unit - £3m 
• Computational Laboratory - £250,000
• In silico Laboratory - £250,000
• 14 Discovery Units - £100,000-£250,000
• Glass meeting room - £200,000
• 3D visualisation suite - £500,000
• Five Team Leader offices - £100,000

Contact us to discuss these naming opportunities in more detail, and to find out how your investment will support our work.

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