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The Rudy A Menon Foundation

Vidhu and Somnath Menon have set up The Rudy A Menon Foundation to fund research into Gliomatosis Cerebri and other rare brain cancers. Their son, Rudy, died from brain cancer in 2013, aged 26. 

It was Rudy’s compassion and care for others that inspired Vidhu and Somnath to help other young adults with brain cancer.

The Menon family have already raised over £100,000 towards much-needed research into brain tumours in children and young adults.

Rudy A Menon in the sky

Gliomatosis Cerebri (GC) is an extraordinary uncommon brain cancer, impossible to remove or treat. It is an aggressive strain of brain cancer that typically affects children, teenagers and young adults. The prognosis for the disease is poor and has remained the same over the past few decades. 

But Vidhu and Somnath believe that “research will certainly defeat cancer”. 

Their funding provides crucial support towards the research of Professor Chris Jones, Head of the Glioma Team at the ICR, who specialises in brain tumours in children and young people.

Professor Jones and his team are collaborating with researchers from around the world to collect samples of GC. They are carrying out, for the first time, a large-scale assessment of the factors that drive it. They hope to shed light on what causes GC, with the ultimate aim of developing new and targeted treatments and with fewer side-effects.

Vidhu and Somnath say:

“We are pleased to be working with the ICR, where Professor Chris Jones and his team have been focusing on Gliomatosis Cerebri, for the past few years. A lack of adequate samples has slowed progress, but it is surely moving forward now. Professor Jones has been a major contributor at the Global GC Conference in 2015 and 2017.

The conference is arranged by family foundations for clinicians, doctors and researchers to work together and share information, so we can work towards finding a cure for this disease. We are sure that one day, with the help of research, we will be able to overcome this terrible disease, which mainly affects children and young adults.”

Remembering Rudy Walk

Remembering Rudy WalkEach year since Rudy’s death, the Menon family organise the Remembering Rudy Walk, to celebrate Rudy’s life, and to raise vital funds for our research.

The event has been taking place in London, Nottingham, and Dubai – to raise funds for research but also awareness of GC.

Around 100 family, friends and supporters, as well as Professor Jones and his team, take part in the annual walk, in memory of Rudy – for the person he was and for the love he spread in his very short, but full, life. 

The Rudy A Menon Foundation also aims to provide support and information for families, and raise awareness of brain cancer globally. 

We are immensely grateful to the Menon family and their supporters for their commitment to helping us in our efforts to find new and kinder cures for young patients with brain cancer.  

If you would like to get involved and support our childhood cancer research, please contact Nicola Shaw in the Development Team, call 020 8722 4227 or email [email protected].

You can follow the ICR on Twitter for regular updates on our work.