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Rosetrees Trust 

Rosetrees Trust provides grants to fund research projects that will impact significantly on human health disease, including cancer. Their commitment to our mission to defeat cancer, has led to them to fund nearly £3m of our research programmes since 2001. 

Professor Kevin Harrington-1

Rosetrees Trust have supported a large number of Professor Kevin Harrington's (pictured above) projects.

Our research strategy is working towards unravelling cancers complexity. Rosetrees Trust is helping us achieve our research strategy and ultimately supporting funding towards developing smarter and kinder treatments for patients.

Richard Miller, Operations Director at Rosetrees Trust says:

“The Institute of Cancer Research has delivered consistently high quality research projects across many different cancer types. Through their carefully selected proposals, we have the opportunity to fund some outstanding cancer researchers enabling them to achieve research successes with publications in high impact journals.

“This has helped them in securing further grant funds for their projects. A highly successful collaboration has been with Professor Kevin Harrington, who has produced outstanding work. We have seen his research grow from strength to strength and we hope to continue funding outstanding projects at the ICR for many years to come.”

Some recent research achievements made possible with the help of Rosetrees Trust include:

Professor Harrington is the ICR’s Joint Head of the Division of Radiotherapy and Imaging. A large number of his research projects have been supported by Rosetrees over many years.

Rosetrees Trust has made great contributions to numerous advances in my labs. Their support over the years has had a hugely positive impact on my research. Their shared commitment to investing in the next generation of cancer researchers has also helped to boost the careers of many students and young scientists in my team. Professor Kevin Harrington

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If you would like to find out more about the ICR and how you can support our research, please contact Thomas Bland, Deputy Director of Development (Trusts & Corporates) by phone on 020 8722 4200, or by email.