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The CRIS Cancer Foundation

CRIS was founded by Lola Manterola and her husband Diego Megia after Lola’s diagnosis with multiple myeloma. They are investing in research in the UK and France, as well as in their native Spain, to give hope to all those cancer patients who are not responding to current standard treatments. They share our goal to make the discoveries that defeat cancer.

Lola Monterola - President of CRIS Cancer Foundation

Lola Manterola, President of the CRIS Cancer Foundation.

By funding research, the charity believes science can make remarkable improvements in our understanding of the biological mechanisms that make cancers so complex and difficult to treat. They are hopeful that this will allow researchers to develop new medicines and treatment plans capable of overcoming this fatal disease, so that it can be managed and ultimately cured.

CRIS has so far generously donated over £2 million to the ICR. This has been to support our research into multiple myeloma and childhood brain tumours, and to establish a new immunotherapy lab. These research projects are collaborative efforts across Europe and the United States, aiming to give us a better understanding of what drives these cancers and allows them to become resistant to treatment.

CRIS Cancer Foundation have also generously contributed to our appeal to build a new Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery.

Lola says, “When Diego and I founded CRIS we wanted to give a chance to survive to the many cancer patients that do not respond to the standard treatments. To invest in cancer research and clinical trials could give them hope. This happened to me when I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer and given 4 months to live. An experimental treatment brought me back to life”.

“CRIS is really proud to support oncology projects at the ICR and helping to move forward on the fight against cancer”.

If you would like to find out more about the ICR and how you can support our research, please contact Thomas Bland, Deputy Director of Development (Trusts & Corporates) by phone on 020 8722 4200, or by email.