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Help us train the next generation of cancer researchers

Your donation today will help us better predict outcomes for prostate cancer patients.

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In 2018, Professor Emma Hall will be seeking a PhD student to work in her team in the Division of Clinical Studies at the Institute of Cancer Research. Here we develop clinical trials that are improving treatments for cancer patients across the world.

Professor Hall’s student will be analysing long-term data from men who have already received treatment for localised prostate cancer, and who are being followed up over many years.

We need to advance personalised prostate cancer treatment

Our student will explore different patterns of disease prognosis, with the aim of developing dynamic statistical models to help clinicians more accurately predict the prognosis of future patients – and therefore adjust treatment accordingly.

In the long-term, these statistical models could form the basis of an online risk calculator for all clinicians, to help them decide how to manage an individual’s prostate cancer treatment. Advancing this type of personalised care is a central part of our mission to bring kinder, smarter and more effective treatments to patients.

We are training the next generation of researchers

As a college of the University of London, educating the next generation of cancer researchers goes to the heart of what we do. Our PhD students are an integral part of our research teams. We do not just train students to carry out cutting-edge cancer research; we enable and guide them as they make their own discoveries and help to defeat cancer.

Unfortunately, every year we are unable to fund all of the viable, exciting studentship proposals that our scientists put forward. Funding a PhD student is expensive, costing approximately £38,000 a year – and this is why your support today is so important.

We need your help to fund this PhD studentship – so we can advance our research into prostate cancer.

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