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Awards, Prizes or Honours

AACR Outstanding Investigator for Breast Cancer Research, American Association for Cancer Research, 2017.

Best of the AACR Journals Collection, Cancer Research, American Association for Cancer Research, 2016.

Award for Advances in Breast Cancer, University of Padua, 2014.

Sir Patrick Forrest Prize, British Breast Group, 2015.

Editorial Boards

Breast Cancer Research, 2011.

Cancer Discovery.

External Committees

ESMO annual meeting Scientific organising committee, Member, ESMO, 2011.

San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference organising committee, Member, AACR, 2012.

IMPAKT Breast Cancer Conference Organising Committee, Member, ESMO, 2011.

Breast Cancer Clinical Studies Group, Member, NCRI, 2013.

Breast Cancer Research Grants Scientific Review Committee, Member, American Association for Cancer Research, 2014-2015.

AACR NextGen Grants for Transformative Cancer Research Committee, Member, American Association for Cancer Research, 2016-2017.

Breast Cancer Now Catalyst Grant Committee, Member, Breast Cancer Now, 2016-2017.

Breast Domain, Lead, Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnership

Executive Committee, Member, Breast International Group - International Cooperative Group