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Yogev, O. Almeida, G.S. Barker, K.T. George, S.L. Kwok, C. Campbell, J. Zarowiecki, M. Kleftogiannis, D. Smith, L.M. Hallsworth, A. Berry, P. Möcklinghoff, T. Webber, H.T. Danielson, L.S. Buttery, B. Calton, E.A. da Costa, B.M. Poon, E. Jamin, Y. Lise, S. Veal, G.J. Sebire, N. Robinson, S.P. Anderson, J. Chesler, L. (2019). In Vivo Modeling of Chemoresistant Neuroblastoma Provides New Insights into Chemorefractory Disease and Metastasis. Cancer research, Vol.79 (20), pp. 5382-5393.

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Hill, D.K. Kim, E. Teruel, J.R. Jamin, Y. Widerøe, M. Søgaard, C.D. Størkersen, Ø. Rodrigues, D.N. Heindl, A. Yuan, Y. Bathen, T.F. Moestue, S.A. (2016). Diffusion-weighted MRI for early detection and characterization of prostate cancer in the transgenic adenocarcinoma of the mouse prostate model. Journal of magnetic resonance imaging, Vol.43 (5), pp. 1207-1217.

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Osborne, J.D. Matthews, T.P. McHardy, T. Proisy, N. Cheung, K.-. Lainchbury, M. Brown, N. Walton, M.I. Eve, P.D. Boxall, K.J. Hayes, A. Henley, A.T. Valenti, M.R. De Haven Brandon, A.K. Box, G. Jamin, Y. Robinson, S.P. Westwood, I.M. van Montfort, R.L. Leonard, P.M. Lamers, M.B. Reader, J.C. Aherne, G.W. Raynaud, F.I. Eccles, S.A. Garrett, M.D. Collins, I. (2016). Multiparameter Lead Optimization to Give an Oral Checkpoint Kinase 1 (CHK1) Inhibitor Clinical Candidate: (R)-5-((4-((Morpholin-2-ylmethyl)amino)-5-(trifluoromethyl)pyridin-2-yl)amino)pyrazine-2-carbonitrile (CCT245737). J med chem, Vol.59 (11), pp. 5221-5237.  show abstract

Yogev, O. Barker, K. Sikka, A. Almeida, G. Hallsworth, A. Smith, L. Jamin, Y. Ruddle, R. Koers, A. Webber, H. Raynaud, F. Popov, S. Jones, C. Petrie, K. Robinson, S. Keun, H. Chesler, L. (2016). p53 Loss in MYC-Driven Neuroblastoma Leads to Metabolic Adaptations Supporting Radioresistance. Cancer research, .

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Jamin, Y. Glass, L. Hallsworth, A. George, R. Koh, D.-. Pearson, A.D. Chesler, L. Robinson, S.P. (2014). Intrinsic susceptibility MRI identifies tumors with ALKF1174L mutation in genetically-engineered murine models of high-risk neuroblastoma. Plos one, Vol.9 (3), p. e92886.  show abstract

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Brockmann, M. Poon, E. Berry, T. Carstensen, A. Deubzer, H.E. Rycak, L. Jamin, Y. Thway, K. Robinson, S.P. Roels, F. Witt, O. Fischer, M. Chesler, L. Eilers, M. (2013). Small molecule inhibitors of aurora-a induce proteasomal degradation of N-myc in childhood neuroblastoma. Cancer cell, Vol.24 (1), pp. 75-89.  show abstract

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Hill, D.K. Orton, M.R. Mariotti, E. Boult, J.K. Panek, R. Jafar, M. Parkes, H.G. Jamin, Y. Miniotis, M.F. Al-Saffar, N.M. Beloueche-Babari, M. Robinson, S.P. Leach, M.O. Chung, Y.-. Eykyn, T.R. (2013). Model free approach to kinetic analysis of real-time hyperpolarized 13C magnetic resonance spectroscopy data. Plos one, Vol.8 (9), p. e71996.  show abstract

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