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Sun, L., Huang, Y., Edwards, R.A., Yang, S., Blackford, A.N., Niedzwiedz, W. & Glover, J.N. (2017). Structural Insight into BLM Recognition by TopBP1. Structure, Vol.25 (10), pp. 1582-1588.e3.

Broderick, R., Nieminuszczy, J., Baddock, H.T., Deshpande, R.A., Gileadi, O., Paull, T.T., McHugh, P.J. & Niedzwiedz, W. (2016). EXD2 promotes homologous recombination by facilitating DNA end resection. Nature cell biology, Vol.18 (3), pp. 271-280.

Fenwick, A.L., Kliszczak, M., Cooper, F., Murray, J., Sanchez-Pulido, L., Twigg, S.R., Goriely, A., McGowan, S.J., Miller, K.A., Taylor, I.B., et al. (2016). Mutations in CDC45 , Encoding an Essential Component of the Pre-initiation Complex, Cause Meier-Gorlin Syndrome and Craniosynostosis. The american journal of human genetics, Vol.99 (1), pp. 125-138.

Blackford, A.N., Nieminuszczy, J., Schwab, R.A., Galanty, Y., Jackson, S.P. & Niedzwiedz, W. (2015). TopBP1 Interacts with BLM to Maintain Genome Stability but Is Dispensable for Preventing BLM Degradation. Molecular cell, Vol.57 (6), pp. 1133-1141.

Broderick, R., Nieminuszczy, J., Blackford, A.N., Winczura, A. & Niedzwiedz, W. (2015). TOPBP1 recruits TOP2A to ultra-fine anaphase bridges to aid in their resolution. Nature communications, Vol.6 (1).

Higgs, M.R., Reynolds, J.J., Winczura, A., Blackford, A.N., Borel, V., Miller, E.S., Zlatanou, A., Nieminuszczy, J., Ryan, E.L., Davies, N.J., et al. (2015). BOD1L Is Required to Suppress Deleterious Resection of Stressed Replication Forks. Molecular cell, Vol.59 (3), pp. 462-477.

Schwab, R.A., Nieminuszczy, J., Shah, F., Langton, J., Lopez Martinez, D., Liang, C.-., Cohn, M.A., Gibbons, R.J., Deans, A.J. & Niedzwiedz, W., et al. (2015). The Fanconi Anemia Pathway Maintains Genome Stability by Coordinating Replication and Transcription. Molecular cell, Vol.60 (3), pp. 351-361.

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