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Dr Albert Antolin

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Antolin, A.A. Workman, P. Al-Lazikani, B. (2021). Public resources for chemical probes: the journey so far and the road ahead. Future medicinal chemistry, Vol.13 (8), pp. 731-747.  show abstract

Mitsopoulos, C. Micco, P.D. Villasclaras-Fernández, E.D. Dolciami, D. Holt, E. Mica, I.L. Coker, E.A. Tym, J.E. Campbell, J. Che, K.H. Ozer, B. Kannas, C.C. Antolin, A.A. Workman, P. Al-Lazikani, B. (2021). canSAR: update to the cancer translational research and drug discovery knowledgebase. Nucleic acids res., Vol.49, pp. D1074-D1082.

Antolin, A.A. Ameratunga, M. Banerji, U. Clarke, P.A. Workman, P. Al-Lazikani, B. (2020). The kinase polypharmacology landscape of clinical PARP inhibitors. Scientific reports, Vol.10 (1).  show abstract

Coker, E.A. Mitsopoulos, C. Tym, J.E. Komianou, A. Kannas, C.C. Micco, P.D. Villasclaras-Fernández, E.D. Ozer, B. Antolin, A.A. Workman, P. Al-Lazikani, B. (2019). canSAR: update to the cancer translational research and drug discovery knowledgebase. Nucleic acids res., Vol.47, pp. D917-D922.

Antolín, A.A. Mestres, J. (2018). Dual Inhibitors of PARPs and ROCKs. Acs omega, Vol.3 (10), pp. 12707-12712.

Antolin, A. Workman, P. Mestres, J. Al-Lazikani, B. (2017). Polypharmacology in Precision Oncology: Current Applications and Future Prospects. Current pharmaceutical design, Vol.22 (46), pp. 6935-6945.

Tym, J.E. Mitsopoulos, C. Coker, E.A. Razaz, P. Schierz, A.C. Antolin, A.A. Al-Lazikani, B. (2016). canSAR: an updated cancer research and drug discovery knowledgebase. Nucleic acids res., Vol.44, pp. 938-943.

Rubio-Perez, C. Tamborero, D. Schroeder, M.P. Antolín, A.A. Deu-Pons, J. Perez-Llamas, C. Mestres, J. Gonzalez-Perez, A. Lopez-Bigas, N. (2015). In Silico Prescription of Anticancer Drugs to Cohorts of 28 Tumor Types Reveals Targeting Opportunities. Cancer cell, Vol.27 (3), pp. 382-396.

Antolín, A.A. Mestres, J. (2015). Distant Polypharmacology among MLP Chemical Probes. Acs chemical biology, Vol.10 (2), pp. 395-400.

Antolín, A.A. Mestres, J. (2014). Linking off-target kinase pharmacology to the differential cellular effects observed among PARP inhibitors. Oncotarget, Vol.5 (10), pp. 3023-3028.

Antolin, A.A. Carotti, A. Nuti, R. Hakkaya, A. Camaioni, E. Mestres, J. Pellicciari, R. Macchiarulo, A. (2013). Exploring the effect of PARP-1 flexibility in docking studies. Journal of molecular graphics and modelling, Vol.45, pp. 192-201.

Antolín, A.A. Jalencas, X. Yélamos, J. Mestres, J. (2012). Identification of Pim Kinases as Novel Targets for PJ34 with Confounding Effects in PARP Biology. Acs chemical biology, Vol.7 (12), pp. 1962-1967.

Antolin, A.A. Tym, J.E. Komianou, A. Collins, I. Workman, P. Al-Lazikani, B. Objective, Quantitative, Data-Driven Assessment of Chemical Probes. Cell chemical biology, .

Sandhu, D. Antolin, A.A. Cox, A.R. Jones, A.M. Identification of different side effects between PARP inhibitors and their polypharmacological multi‐target rationale. British journal of clinical pharmacology, .

Antolin, A.A. Cascante, M. AI delivers Michaelis constants as fuel for genome-scale metabolic models. Plos biology, Vol.19 (10), pp. e3001415-e3001415.

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