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Research overview

Professor Richard Houlston, Molecular and Population Genetics team

The Houlston Group has a primary interest in using genetic approaches to understand a genetic background underlying susceptibility and pathogenesis of human malignancies.

The research of the group focuses on the following strands:

  • Susceptibility gene identification in cancer using large-scale genetic and genomic approaches. We are involved in the major international efforts exploiting large-scale genome wide association and next-generation sequencing efforts to map variants impacting on cancer predisposition
  • Translating gene identification into biological insights and clinical advances. We use complementary approaches involving human, animal models and cellular systems to define the biological and clinical consequences of discoveries.
  • Genomic epidemiology. Integrating genetic and other data to advance understanding of basic genomic processes.
  • Statistical genetics and bioinformatics. Implementation of new approaches to tackle associated analytical challenges.
  • Our recent research has made a major contribution to advances in the understanding of the genetic basis of cancer and our work has featured in over 50 papers published in Nature Genetics, Nature and Science.