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Cancer Genomics Team

Professor Richard Houlston’s team works to identify cancer susceptibility genes and understand how these can cause cancer.

Team leader

Professor Richard Houlston

Professor Richard Houlston

Head of Division

Professor Richard Houlston is Head of the Division of Genetics and Epidemiology. His research focuses on the identification and characterisation of genetic susceptibility to cancer.

ORCID 0000-0002-5268-0242

Team members

Dr Richard Culliford
Dr Richard Culliford
Statistician/Bioinformatician +44 20 8722 4555

I come from a PhD background in applied statistics, with knowledge of both frequentist and Bayesian statistics, and our group is using a variety of methods to understand how the incidence of colorectal cancer is affected by both genetic and environmental variables. In particular, I hope to improve my skills in bioinformatics and systems biology within the application of cancer.

Andrea Gunnell
Andrea Gunnell
Senior Scientific Officer +44 20 8722 4658 ORCID 0000-0001-5162-5391

Dr Andrea Gunnell is a cell biologist working on the identification of new predisposition alleles for myeloma through GWAS analysis and molecular genetic functional studies to elucidate biological basis for genetic susceptibility.

Dr Sureyya Kose
Dr Sureyya Kose
Postdoctoral Training Fellow +44 20 8722 4674

Dr Sureyya Kose recently earned her PhD in Chemistry, investigating the interaction between microbial gene expression and host innate immunity to reveal processes that may lead to cholelithiasis. Presently, her work involves the identification of genetic susceptibility to childhood cancer.

Dr Shalini Singh
Dr Shalini Singh
Postdoctoral Training Fellow ORCID 0000-0001-9300-3822

I am currently investigating the molecular mechanism of drug resistance in multiple myeloma using molecular and cell biology techniques.

Dr Amit Sud

Dr Amit Sud is an Academic Clinical Lecturer in Genetics and Epidemiology at the ICR and is completing his Haematology training at The Royal Marsden hospital.

Jayaram Vijayakrishnan
Jayaram Vijayakrishnan
+44 20 8722 4424

Dr Jayaram Vijayakrishnan is a molecular geneticist investigating genetic predisposition to cancer. His work involves the use of molecular and cell biology techniques and subsequent bioinformatic analysis of data.

Dr Molly Went
Dr Molly Went
Analytical Scientist +44 20 3437 6145

I'm in the first year of my postdoc after finishing my PhD in the Houlston Lab. I’m investigating inherited predisposition to multiple myeloma. My work involves the identification and characterisation of germline risk variants for myeloma with a view to improve our understanding of pathways relevant to the disease.

Sharon Atkins
Honorary Appointment T +44 20 8915 3896
Dr Peter Broderick
Senior Scientific Officer T +44 20 3437 6178
Alex Cornish
Honorary Appointment
Andy Everall
Honorary Appointment T +44 20 3437 6776
Dr Jacob Househam
Data Scientist T +44 20 3437 6872
Dr Ben Kinnersley
Statistician T +44 20 3437 6194
Dr Philip Law
Statistician/Bioinformatician T +44 20 8722 4635
Sam Lawrence
Postdoctoral Training Fellow T +44 20 3437 6639
Dr Soham Mandal
Data Scientist T +44 20 3437 6139
Dr Mara Mandelia
Postdoctoral Training Fellow T +44 20 3437 7481
Charlie Mills
Postdoctoral Training Fellow T +44 20 3437 7207
Janet Nwaoshai
Research Operations Officer T +44 20 3437 6853
Dr Mansoor Saqi
Data Scientist T +44 20 3437 3624
Dr Shalini Singh
Postdoctoral Training Fellow T +44 20 3437 6002
Giulia Zavagno
Postdoctoral Training Fellow T +44 20 3437 3625