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Molecular and Population Genetics Team

Professor Richard Houlston’s team works to identify cancer susceptibility genes and understand how these can cause cancer.

Team leader

Professor Richard Houlston

Professor Richard Houlston

Professor of Molecular and Population Genetics

Professor Richard Houlston is Head of the Division of Genetics and Epidemiology. His research focuses on the identification and characterisation of genetic susceptibility to cancer.

ORCID 0000-0002-5268-0242

Team members

 Lizzy  Bourne
Lizzy Bourne
PhD Student

I joined the team in 2019 as a PhD Student. My research aim is to identify and characterise non-coding drivers for colorectal cancer.

 Cankut Cubuk
Cankut Cubuk
Bioinformatician ORCID 0000-0003-4646-0849

I am very interested in the biological mechanisms that are underlying human diseases and really keen on elucidating these mechanisms using high throughput data and computational methods. My current routine work is carrying out complex custom computational analysis and creating bioinformatics pipelines using my scientific programming skills in R and Python. I like developing dynamic web applications using Rshiny and Flask web frameworks, and relational databases.

Dr Richard Culliford
Dr Richard Culliford
Postdoctoral Training Fellow

I come from a PhD background in applied statistics, with knowledge of both frequentist and Bayesian statistics, and our group is using a variety of methods to understand how the incidence of colorectal cancer is affected by both genetic and environmental variables. In particular, I hope to improve my skills in bioinformatics and systems biology within the application of cancer.

 Brittany  Rex
Brittany Rex
Executive Assistant

I have worked at the ICR since 2016, providing PA support at senior executive level within the Division of Genetics and Epidemiology. I assist the Head of Division and teams to communicate, collaborate and maintain working relationships while focusing on the identification and characterisation of genetic susceptibility to cancer.

 Charlie Saunders
Charlie Saunders

I am a Bioinformatician, currently working on evaluating genetic pre-disposition factors and environmental risk factors of multiple cancer types.

 Molly Went
Molly Went
PhD Student

I'm a final year PhD student, investigating inherited predisposition to multiple myeloma. My project involves the identification and characterisation of germline risk variants for myeloma with a view to improve our understanding of pathways relevant to the disease.

Peter Broderick
Senior Scientific Officer
Daniel Chubb
Bioninformatics Officer
Alex Cornish
Alice Garrett
Clinical Fellow
Phuc Hoang
PhD Student
Amy Holroyd
Scientific Officer
Dr Ben Kinnersley
Philip Law
Chey Loveday
Post-Doctoral Training Fellow
Dr James Smith
Post-Doctoral Training Fellow
James Studd
Post-Doctoral Training Fellow
Dr Amit Sud
Academic Clinical Lecturer
Beth Torr
Project Administrator
Jayaram Vijayakrishnan
Scientific Officer