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Research overview

Mr Thomas Ind, Gynaecological Oncology Surgery

Mr Thomas Ind’s Gynaecological Oncology Surgery Team conducts basic research and clinical studies in gynaecological oncology surgery, and its members are extensively published in their field. The team has collaborated successfully with partners on many clinical research studies.

The team’s present research revolves around gynaecological oncology surgery, laparoscopic surgery and robotics.

Current projects include the financial evaluations of gynaecological oncology surgery and robotics, the ergonomics of open, laparoscopic and robotic surgery. The team is also researching fertility-sparing surgery for cervical cancer, and is working on the Sentinel node study FRIENDS (Flourescent Robotic Indocyanine Endoscopic Node Dissection Study).

In addition to the above, the team has active collaborations with radiological colleagues and other teams in the ICR.