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Dr Susana Banerjee, Gynaecological Cancers (Systemic Therapy and Clinical Trials) Team

Academic clinical trials

We work closely with the Drug Development Unit to help take early-phase clinical trials to phase II stage in gynaecological cancers. An example is the OCTOPUS trial (Chief Investigator Dr Susana Banerjee) – a multicentre, randomised, phase II umbrella trial of weekly Paclitaxel +/- novel agents in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer (AZD2014, dual mTORC1/2 inhibitor), which was developed from the success of the phase I TAX-TORC trial (Dr Udai Banerji).

The CORAL trial is the first clinical trial of abiraterone in ovarian cancer. This multicentre study, run through the ICR Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit, was presented as a late-breaking abstract oral presentation at the European Society for Medical Oncology 2016. The translational research work is in collaboration with Professor Mitch Dowsett and Dr Gert Attard.

BRCA-related ovarian cancer and PARP inhibitors

  • Clinical trials of PARP inhibitors (Dr Banerjee is the Principal Investigator at The Royal Marsden of trials including the NOVA trial (niraparib), SOLO2 (olaparib) ARIEL2 and ARIEL3 (rucaparib))
  • Developing and delivering the oncogenetic BRCA testing pathway in medical oncology clinics (collaboration with Cancer Genetics)
  • Developing a pathway for somatic BRCA testing in clinical practice
  • Outcomes of patients with BRCA-related ovarian cancer
  • Patient experience and outcomes on PARP inhibitors
  • Understanding PARP inhibitor resistance (collaboration with Dr Chris Lord)

Improving outcomes of older women with gynaecological cancers

Lucy Dumas MD(Res) project.

Comprehensive blood counts in a handheld device: home monitoring of blood counts for patients having chemotherapy

Innovate UK grant collaboration.

  • Collaboration: Entia Ltd, University of Oxford (Diagnostics Evidence Cooperative) and Imperial College Health Partners.
  • Clinical fellow: Dr Krithika Murali


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